Top 10 Luxury Fragrance for Men

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

1. Creed Aventus


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How Does Creed Aventus Smell Like?

The first thing people ask when it comes to a cologne as expensive as Creed Aventus is obviously, “How does it smell?

The answer: Creed Aventus smells like a masterpiece that can shine with its perfectly blended scent DNA and a strong presence and performance. This scent has really earned its rating of 10/10. It’s not only the best Creed fragrance out there, it’s the best luxury scent you can get period.

It is a very fresh scent that oozes masculinity and great success. If you smell Creed Aventus you immediately think success, power, luxury, and fame. You can feel that Aventus is an expensive scent and you love it.

What Are The Notes In Creed Aventus?

Aventus openes with a strong and fresh pineapple note (our favorite), combined with bergamot, fresh apple and blackcurrant.

argThe next thing you notice is the heart of this scent especially the smoky, woody birch note. The combination of fresh top notes with woody heart notes is excellent and gives Aventus the smell that makes everyone go wild.

Aventus ends with a pleasant vanilla note that perfectly rounds of the scent.

Top Notes Pineapple, Apple, Bergamot, Blackcurrant Leaf

Heart Notes Birch, Jasmine, Patchouli, Juniper Berry, Rose

Base Notes Ambergris, Oakmoss, Musk, Vanilla

Best Batches For Creed Aventus

Aventus fanatics always argue over the best batches and the differences between each batch.

But are there even any noticeable differences between batches and is there really the one best batch that is better than all the other?

Fragrance maker usually guarantee that all batches smell the same with modern production processes and strict quality control. The usage of synthetic ingredients is essential to accomplish this.

It’s different for colognes mainly using natural ingredients like Creed Aventus. Even though Creed speaks about their strict quality control, it is highly probable that there are certain variations within batches for example if you have to source ingredients from a different region.

However, these variations are so small, the average nose won’t be able to notice it. So there is no reason to go batch hunting. Leave that to the fragrance snobs ;).

How Long Does Creed Aventus Last?

Creed Aventus shines with enormous longevity and great sillage.

On most skin types you’ll get a great 10 to 12 hours, often even more which we could confirm in hour tests.

Applied in the morning, you will often catch a whiff of this masterpiece throughout the day.

The sillage is phenomenal as well.

If you enter a room, Aventus immediately does its job and blesses everyone with its godly presence. It doesn’t do this in an intrusive but rather very pleasant way.

Aventus is a projection monster and one of the longest lasting mens colognes.

Is Creed Aventus The Best Cologne To Attract Women?

If you are looking around in online communities, then you that there is always this guy looking for a fragrance to impress girls and there is always this mass of recommendations towards Creed Aventus.

But is this really true? Does Creed Aventus really get you the girls?

Obiviously there is no magic pill and no magic fragrance that will magically get you women.

Still, there is an undeniable effect that this fragrance has on women and it gets really great compliments.

The unique scent DNA combined with the great performance of this make it on of the best colognes for men and best of all, Aventus is very versatile and fits most men.

This Is What Others Are Saying About Creed Aventus:

This is truly a must have. I can’t believe how amazing this smells. It lasts all day and when you hug someone they don’t want to let you go.

This is the absolute boss scent. The untouchable king of fragrances. I have never met a fragrance that smells as good as this.

This is the sexiest scent I have ever smelled on a man. I can’t even fathom the sexyness of this scent. Men, buy this!

Is Creed Aventus Too Mainstream?

When buying a new mens cologne, there is always one huge worry:

Will I be unique? Will other dudes smell like me?

Well, you don’t need to worry about this when wearing Creed Aventus.

Aventus might seem mainstream when searching online for fragrance reviews, but the truth is, you will very rarely meet this in real life.

Reason for this is probably the high price, but also the popularity of this scent. Not many people besides the fragrance community even know this exists and usually pick typical designer fragrances like Dior and Chanel.

You won’t go wrong with Aventus if you are looking for a unique mens cologne that stands out and screams premium and luxury.

Who Made Creed Aventus?

Aventus was made in 2010 by Olivier Creed and Erwin Creed.

To this day it is the most successful scent in the history of Creed and this is a huge achievement with a brand of this caliber.

Creed says the inspiration for this giant came from no one other than french emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

Aventus is also supposed to mean success.

While this isn’t really true, Aventus means something like “from the wind” and is supposed to exemplify a men who goes after what he wants and is determined to succeed. So in a way, Aventus does mean success.

Creed Aventus Fragrance Rating – Is It Worth It?

Creed Aventus is truly a masterpiece and a titan along mens colognes.

Is it the best fragrance on the market and is everybody going to love it? Of course not.

Are there other fragrances that are as good as Creed that cost less? Sure.

Still, Creed Aventus is one of those fragrances that just exceeds every expectation and if you have the bucks for it, then it shouldn’t miss in your fragrance collection.

We give this scent a rating of 10/10. It deserves it.

But even though Creed Aventus is such a versatile scent, we still see it more as a special occasion fragrance. That way it will also keep its magical effect and you can also justify the expense as it will last you forever.

There are better options when looking for a great every day cologne for guys that are also less expensive.

Conclusion: Creed Aventus is as good as everybody is saying and one of the best niche colognes for men.

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2. 1 Million by Paco Rabanne


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Wear 1 Million by Paco Rabanne and you will smell like a million bucks.

Yeah, what else would you think with a bottle that is supposed to be a bar of gold. It smells phenomenal. It smells expensive. It smells sexy.

1 Million is one of the best selling fragrances of the last decade and it is super popular.

And for a good reason. 1 Million smells unbelievable. It smells delicious, sexy, attractive, luxurious and masculine at the same time.

In fact, 1 Million is so good, you will get a lot of compliments from the opposite sex. A lot. It might even be one of the fragrances that gives you the best overall reactions ever.

Now, 1 Million is kind of synthetic smelling. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Truth is, the synthetic formulation has done wonders because it makes this scent super strong and high performing, even after lots of reformulations. And while this fragrance smells a little synthetic once it hits the dry-down, the opening notes might be one of the best of all time.

So, 1 Million is truly phenomenal. It is absolutely mass-pleasing, attractive, ladies love it, you’ll get tons of compliments, and best of all, the performance and strength of this fragrance is beastly.

You can easily get through the whole day with this cologne and it will project strongly the whole time. It works very well in clubs and at parties. This is also why we dubbed it the best, longest lasting fragrance for younger guys.

Now, there is one draw back with 1 Million that made it only be number 6 on our list of best colognes for teenagers.

A lot of people have it. Chances are, you and the people you want to impress, might have smelled it before.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. People still go nuts over this fragrance. And it has a super high-relevancy, meaning people will notice it even more because of that.

And best of all, if you are a younger guy, you’ve got good chances that the people in your age group will be wearing other colognes that are trending right now. After all, this fragrance is already 10 years old, and it was the pick of the generation before you.

So in conclusion, you really can’t go wrong with Paco Rabanne 1 Million if you want a strong, beastly scent that is super attractive and smells amazing. An amazing choice for young men!


Top Notes Blood Mandarin, Peppermint

Heart Notes Rose Absolute, Cinnamon

Base Notes Leather Accord, Amberketal

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3. Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct


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We have found Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct to be the best cologne for teenagers and younger guys.

First Instinct is the right fragrance for you if you are looking for a cologne that

  • smells attractive, young and sexy

  • girls love to smell this especially on younger guys

  • doesn’t break the bank and is super affordable

  • you will stand out with – it smells very unique and not a lot of other guys will be wearing it

  • is super versatile and can be worn to school, class as well as a night out or a nice date

  • lasts long and gets noticed without you becoming that guy who oversprays his fragrance

Yes, Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct is that good.

It is the perfect fragrance for young guys looking to step up their game, become more attractive and smell awesome – all while not breaking the bank.

In fact, a bottle of this fantastic scent will only set you back about $30 and will last you a long time. Plus, you’ll get a hell of a lot out of it.

First Instinct just smells sexy and perfect for a young guy. It exudes confidence and gives off this youthful vibe. The moment you lay your nose on this scent, you’ll know what we mean. You smell this, and you just think of a young, attractive guy that all girls gravitate to.

In our tests, we received a ton of compliments for this cologne. All the women we asked loved this fragrance and they all said, they’d love to see this on younger guys.

There you go. You can’t go wrong with First Instinct if you are looking for that perfect cologne for teenagers. This could totally be your first cologne ever and you’d be making the right choice.

You’ll be smelling fresh, clean and all the girls will notice you. You’ll stand out from the boring crowd rocking their grandpas old cologne – if anything – and you’ll be the fresh, young guy who just always smells sooo good.


Top Notes Gin Tonic, Kiwano

Heart Notes Sichuan Pepper, Violet Leaf, Citric Notes

Base Notes Suede Musk, Amber

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4. Paco Rabanne Invictus


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Paco Rabanne Invictus is the fragrance you choose if you want to be the center of attention and you want to be the life of the party – and oh boy, attention you will get with this one!

Invictus is a very youthful, energetic fragrance. It smells very confident, outgoing and attractive. Perfect for extroverted people and anyone looking to get himself noticed.

Because this fragrance projects like a beast, and is very strong, you definitely will get other people to notice your smell and if this is something you are looking for, this is definitely the right scent for you.

This is really useful when you want to go out and about to parties, clubs where you compete with lots of different smells in a close-encounter environment. Invictus will help you get noticed and not drown out in those types of settings. You’ll definitely be the life of the party.

That doesn’t mean you can’t wear this cologne to school or other more formal settings. In fact, one of this fragrances strengths is its versatility. It smells super youthful and just right for a young guy. You can pretty much wear this whenever you want. Just don’t wear this to a job interview as you might come off to strong.

Now how does Invictus smell like? This cologne starts off smelling very sweet and aquatic. Once it dries down it starts smelling a little synthetic which isn’t a bad thing.

It is a very bubblegum-type fragrance that just smells youthful and is a massive crowdpleaser.

Due to its sweet aquatic scent DNA, you can pretty much rock this all year.

During spring and summer, the aquatic aura will smell very pleasant, while the sweet nature will shine in the colder months. (If you are looking for a pure summer scent for teenagers, you should check out its younger brother Invictus Aqua)

Projection and longevity on this one are just crazy. This is a true beastmode scent. Invictus lasts almost all day and projects very strongly which means it’ll get noticed even hours down the line.

Paco Rabanne Invictus is one of the best fragrances for teenagers and number two on our list – a massive crowdpleaser, that will get you lots of compliments. You can’t go wrong with this cologne!


Top Notes Grape Fruit, Marine Notes

Heart Notes Bay Leaf, Jasmine,

Base Notes Gaiac Wood, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Ambergris

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5. Versace Eros


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Versace Eros is a very bold, sexy scent.

Girls go crazy about this fragrance. Like literally crazy. I am talking harassing you because you smell this good.

Versace Eros stands for being bold, confident and sexual. It is supposed to be a scent that awakens passion and desire – at least that is how Versace markets this fragrance … and we wholeheartedly agree.

This is definitely a scent that you wear if you want to stand out and get compliments.

Eros is a very youthful, energetic and outgoing fragrance. Something that you can perfectly see on younger guys.

How does Versace Eros smell like?

Well, let’s just say it is a sweet, godly fragrance.

You spray it on, and you get hit by beautiful freshness, coming from the apple and mint notes.

Then as time goes on, this cologne developes and becomes very sweet, sexy and seductive.

Now, the best thing about Versace Eros is its performance.

This cologne performs sooo well which also makes it the ultimate fragrance for the club. Just a couple of sprays will get you through the whole day. And not only that, it will project like a monster.

You’ll actually have to be careful to not spray too much of this, or else it is just too strong. But if you spray the right amount, you’ll be good to go for the whole day and night.

A nice extra is the beautiful bottle this fragrance comes in. In our opinion, Versace Eros has one of the best bottle designs of any cologne for men out there.

Versace Eros is one of those fragrances you just can’t go wrong with. You will be bold, you will be attractive and you will smell phenomenal. All women from young to old will be pleased and you will be able to pull this off especially well if you are younger. We see this mostly on guys anywhere from age 16 to their mid thirties.


Top Notes Mint Leaf, Italian Lemon, Green Apple

Heart Notes Venezuelan Tonka Bean, Ambroxan, Geranium

Base Notes Madagascan Vanilla, Atlas Cedar, Virginia Cedar, Vetiver, Oakmoss

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6. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male


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Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male is an absolute classic.

This is a very sweet, classy, masculine scent.

Le Male is an absolute legend in the fragrance community. It has been out for over 20 years now and chances are you have smelled this on a couple of people before.

Back when it came out it was super popular and revolutionary, and the truth is, it still rocks.

To this day, you can wear Le Male and get compliments left and right. It is that good.

Ladies love it. They love it so much. In fact, one of my first girlfriends was obsessed with this fragrance, and didn’t want to smell anything else. I’ve seen similar reactions from lots of women in all age groups. They just love this scent. It is knee-weakening.

Le Male is sweet and seductive. When you spray this cologne on your skin, you can make out the vanilla and tonka bean note, and this is generally how this fragrance smells like.

Now, everything about Le Male is great.

Starting with the iconic bottle design, the unique, sweet scent DNA, and the compliments it gets. The only thing where Le Male falls short a little is the performance. Back in the days, it used to be a beast, but over the years it has been reformulated lots of times and has gotten weaker now. You’ll have to reapply it throughout the day if you want to keep this noticeable – we recommend using a portable travel atomizer.

There is also a newer version of this scent, which might be an even better choice for you. Ultra Male is a refined version of Le Male. It lasts longer, smells a little sweeter and more modern and has overall better performance. It works very well in the club and at parties.

While they are quite similar, they aren’t identical. All in all, we think Le Male is a little more versatile and low-key, which makes it more suitable for younger guys.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male is a scent that has stood the test of time. You really can’t go wrong with this fragrance if you are looking for a great cologne for teenagers.


Top Notes Bergamot, Tarragon, Cardamom, Lavender, Mint

Heart Notes Caraway, Neroli, Cinnamon

Base Notes Amber, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Cedarwood

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7. Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme


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Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme is the best luxurious premium fragrance for young men!

Man, I am telling you. If you are looking for a fresh, mass-appealing scent that will blow people away, this is the right fragrance for you.

Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme is a masterpiece.

It is fantastic in every way.

It smells phenomenal, pleasing, attractive, sexy and very unique.

It is strong, lasts forever and gets noticed.

Ladies love it and you’ll get great compliments for it.

It smells premium, and you’ll feel premium when you wear it. You’ll just know what we mean when you get your nose on this one. It is a real confidence booster.

The original Allure Homme Sport was already a masterpiece. This Eau Extreme version takes it to the next level.

The only downside? The price.

In typical Chanel fashion it is priced at the higher end range of designer fragrances.

Is it overpriced? Hell no. You want to smell premium, you gotta pay premium. That’s sadly how it works.

However, this makes it not the best option for younger guys who often don’t have a lot of disposable income.

If you have the extra cash though, or you want to safe up and really blow everyone out of the water, then this is the right choice for you.

Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme is the best premium, luxurious type fragrance for teenagers.


Top Notes Mandarin, Mint, Cypress

Heart Notes Clary Sage, Black Pepper

Base Notes Tonka Bean, Sandalwoood, White Musk, Cedar

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8. Versace Dylan Blue


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Versace Dylan Blue is the best all-rounder fragrance for teenagers and young men.

This cologne does it all.

It is sexy and playful, yet serious at the same time. It is sweet but also spicy.

It works well in spring and summer, but also remarkably well in fall and winter.

You can rock this cologne to any occasion. Doesn’t matter if you are going to school, college, serious events or lunch with your girlfriends parents. This fragrance works just as well in serious settings, as it does in parties. You can wear it to school in the morning, and rock it to a party in the evening and chances are, you will be one of the best smelling guys in the room.

Do you see what we are getting at here?

Versace Dylan Blue is simply a super versatile fragrance. It is the king of allrounders. You can’t go wrong with this fragrance if you are looking for just one cologne that fits younger guys.

To describe the scent of this cologne, we’d have to say it comes of very clean, fresh, showergel-ish, mixed with sweetness and spiciness from the ambroxan and pepper.

The great thing about Dylan Blue is it develops. It’s not a stagnant scent. It changes from its opening, to the dry down and takes you on a fragrance ride.

Another great thing that makes Dylan Blue one of the best fragrances for teenagers, is its performance. You can easily get 10+ hours of longevity out of this cologne, if not more. It is also projecting quite well, meaning a lot of people will catch your scent.

Versace Dylan Blue is definitely a mass pleaser. One of those fragrances that appeal to a lot of people, and will get you many compliments and many people stopping you saying “Hey, you smell great!”.

To round it off, Dylan Blue is an affordable cologne which is always good for younger guys. This fragrance won’t break the bank so you can go heavy on it, wear it to all sorts of occasions due to its versatility, and always smell great. A great cologne for young men that won’t disappoint.


Top Notes Calabrian Bergamot, Grapefruit, Fig Leaf, Aquatic Notes

Heart Notes Violet Leaf, Black Pepper, Papyrus Wood, Ambrox, Patchouli

Base Notes Mineral Musik, Tonka Bean, Saffron, Frankincense

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9. Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme


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Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme is the best daytime cologne for teenagers.

This cologne is a true timeless classic.

What is not to like about this fragrance?

It has such an uplifting, positive smell that is just so pleasant to everybody how encounters it.

Everybody loves it. It is very fresh, clean, yet at the same time, attractive and alluring.

L’Homme really makes a perfect daytime fragrance because it is so inoffensive. Nobody will be offended by the smell of this cologne. Quite the opposite actually. Most people who encounter it will be left in a little bit better mood than before.

This makes it the perfect choice to wear when going out to lunch, having daytime dates with your girlfriend, going to school and just all everyday activities.

Being more of a lighter scent, you can and should wear a little more of it, especially because it has been reformulated and the performance has gotten a little weaker over the years.

But the scent itself is still king and will remain at the top for many years to come.

Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme is a tried and tested modern classic and the perfect daytime fragrance for younger guys.


Top Notes Bergamot, Ginger, Lemon

Heart Notes Basil, Spices, Violet, White Pepper

Base Notes Tonka Bean, Vetiver, Cedarwood

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10. Dolce & Gabbana The One Eau De Parfum


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The One (Eau De Parfum) by Dolce & Gabbana is a heavenly fragrance. Sexy, attractive, sensual and passionate. The perfect fragrance for date night.

This is the fragrance you choose when you want to melt a girls heart. It is alluring – meaning – it will pull your crush in and get her closer and more interested in you.

This is one of those scents that you just can’t stop smelling because it is addictive which is the perfect quality you’d want to have in a date fragrance. It is very erotic.

It smells very creamy, sweet and exotic. Something you haven’t smelled before and can’t get enough of.

The beautiful thing about The One EDP that it is classy, masculine, sexy and alluring all while not being too mature. Young guys can pull this off just as much as older guys which makes it the right choice for teens.

A big plus is the price tag as well. This isn’t too expensive. A typical bottle will run you about Rs 2500 and last you a long time.

The performance and strength of this scent are perfectly adequate for this type of fragrance. Dolce & Gabbana improved this Eau De Parfum version quite a bit over the original Eau De Toilette making it a lot stronger and longer lasting.

There are really no complaints with this scent. I mean you take a quick look at the bottle and you know what you can expect. A sexy, potent, aromatic juice that will make hearts melt.

A big fat recommendation for everybody and one of the best date scents for teenagers.


Top Notes Grapefruit, Coriander, Basil

Heart Notes Ginger, Cardamom, Orange Blossom

Base Notes Tobacco, Amber, Cedarwood

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